About X-Ray Inspection from Aerofab

The x-ray systems at Aerofab detect flaws in the make of a material that the naked eye can’t see. Being able to spot defects located underneath the surface of the material helps to maintain the integrity of the weld and prevent future repairs. Our x-ray weld inspection equipment is state of the art, and our team of highly skilled fabricators are experts in fulfilling the quality standards that our customers expect.

Choose Aerofab for Your X-Ray Weld Inspection

Aerofab is a division of Tube Processing Corporation in Indianapolis. Specializing in the manufacture of complex sheet metal fabrication and precision machined components, our welding & engineering inspection services are just part of what we do. Our services are vertically integrated, meaning that we see the entire process from start to finish all under one roof. This benefits our customers by decreasing production time and overall project costs.

Aerofab offers its services out of Indianapolis, Indiana. Being located in the midwestern United States lets us work with clients all across the country and worldwide.