Our Riveting Process in Sheet Metal Fabrication

Riveting is a vital part of sheet metal fabrication. When it comes to the best sheet metal fasteners, rivets are one of the most trusted techniques that don’t require welding. That’s why the highly skilled engineering teams at Aerofab are experts in how to rivet metal together.

Choose Aerofab for Your Sheet Metal Riveting Needs

Aerofab, a division of Tube Processing Corporation, is a leading Tier 1 supplier to the aerospace and energy markets. Our clients choose us because of our vertical integration, meaning we see the entire sheet metal fabrication process under one roof. Since there is only one team managing your project from start to finish, you get your completed product in a shorter amount of time for a better rate than what our competitors can offer.

Being located in Indianapolis, Indiana, gives us an advantage to work with clients near and far, domestic and worldwide.