About Our Joining Techniques for Sheet Metal

Welding, bonding, clinching, folding, screws and rivets — all different sheet metal joining techniques. Some of these methods can be done without welding; it all depends on the material being used, its thickness, and the different application requirements. That’s why our team of highly skilled engineers at Aerofab are experts in how to join sheet metal and the different tools required.

Choose Aerofab for the Sheet Metal Joining Process

Aerofab is a division of Tube Processing Corporation and is a leading Tier 1 supplier to customers in the aerospace and energy markets. What sets us apart is our vertical integration, meaning we see the entire process from start to finish. Since these projects are completed under one roof, our customers only need to communicate with one team, thus receiving their products with faster turnaround time and for a better price than what our competitors can offer.

Our facilities are located in Indianapolis, Indiana, giving us the unique opportunity to work with clients throughout the United States and all around the world.