Our Plasma Spray Coating Method

Out of all the services offered at Aerofab, the plasma sprayed coatings continue to be one of the most requested by our customers. And for many reasons. Since plasma coating is such an in-demand technique, the team at Aerofab is consistent in providing quality plasma coating.

Our plasma spray coatings provide superior protection against wear and corrosion to enhance and extend the life of your engineering and welding parts. With this process, your engineering practices are given an advantage above the competitors’.

Why Choose Aerofab for Your Plasma Coatings

Aerofab, a division of Tube Processing Corporation, is a leading Tier 1 supplier for the aerospace and energy markets. What sets Aerofab apart is our vertical integration. We offer all our highly-technical special services under one roof, which lessens processing time and final costs. There’s a benefit to working with one company and one set of people. We see the entire process from start to finish. All in all, our industrial and aerospace clients quickly receive high-quality products for a lower cost than what our competitors offer.

Being located in Indianapolis, the middle of the Crossroads of America, we have a unique opportunity to work with clients near and far, local or worldwide.

What is Plasma Coating?

Plasma spray is used to apply a metallic or ceramic protective coating to enhance the performance of the item. Molten or heat-softened material is sprayed onto a substrate to create a coating that resists corrosion and prevents distortion from high temperatures. Common applications are gas turbines, jet engines and piston rings. Some industry sectors that use plasma sprayed coatings are aerospace, various areas of engineering, biomedical fields, chemical and nuclear industries, and electronics.