Shipping Manager - Greenwood

Responsible for the coordination of freight and product to meet customer demands, while maintaining internal inventory, accurate system data, and tracking requirements.  Extensive use and understanding of internal and external PC systems is an absolute necessity.


A.  Freight Coordination:

  1. Responsible for review of upcoming shipping requirements and researching our ability to deliver product as requested.
  2. Responsible to inform customer on customer website of truck space needed in advance of actual shipping date.  Maintains accuracy to avoid chargebacks for excess/shortfall situations.  Communicates with customer in advance if problems arise.
  3. Determines proper shipping container/pallet sizes needed to ship product without damage.  Calculates floor space needed for each customer.
  4. Informs dock and/or picking staff of containers needed and other shipping instructions to meet requirements in advance.
  5. Prints/Writes paperwork for outside vendor activities and forwards to shipping dock.  Processes paperwork received from OSV.

B.  Product Coordination:

  1. Develops pick lists and staging areas for pickers/dock staff to pull and stage.  Reviews current inventory locations, schedules from OSV for returning product, and WIP at Shelby/Madison and communicates plan and activities needed to proper personnel or OSV’s.
  2. Determines by Customer Codes if product is domestic or international and assigns proper containers/skids.  Communicates this to Dock employees.
  3. Prints all required paperwork, including packing slips, bar codes, waybills, and other international paperwork that may be required.  Attaches to boxes, containers, or places inside containers as needed and required to meet shipment requirements.
  4. May operate picking equipment if trained, or assist on dock/staging area when needed.  Handling and lifting boxes by hand, pallet jack, cart or other means is needed daily.  Attention to detail and safe practices is necessary.

C. Administrative Responsibilities:

  1. May write OE Pack instructions outlining special shipping requirements.
  2. Communicates with internal staff to take action on blocked shipments.  Knows the internal process and system requirements to unblock sales orders, handle qc issues, etc.
  3. Processes OSV paperwork to place parts in inventory correctly.
  4. Performs inventory transactions in proper accounts to receiving part into one inventory location or transfer/combine parts into another location.
  5. Performs cycle counts as needed to ensure inventory accuracy.
  6. May need to pull quantities through production steps in order to ship them.
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Position: Shipping Manager - Greenwood

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Employment Type
Full Time
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Greenwood, Indiana
Date posted
January 3, 2019
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