Cutoff Setup Operator

Cutoff Setup Operators are responsible for setting up and operating cutoff equipment in a proficient and safe manner to produce quality tubes for bending, welding, or endforming.  Setup Operators may also perform Tellis, Stamper, Trim or Deburr setup at various times as needed.

  • Follow routing operation text for special set up instructions for individual parts.  Determines what material is needed and where it is located. 
  • Use of the proper equipment to move material and or tooling to safely move materials to machine as needed. Perform change-over / setup procedures on all cutoff machines.
  • Setup and operate Kaltenbach saws or table lathes as needed.
  • Gets setup approved prior to running production. May approve other employee’s setup if assigned.
  • Operates machine to run production and performs quality inspections as required by the written Quality Procedures.  Makes necessary adjustments during production runs to stay in tolerances.
  • Use tape measure, templates, fixtures, surface plate, calipers, snap gauges, or other inspection tools to measure overall length or other necessary dimensions per blueprint.  Watches for presence of tube breaks, burrs, and oversize/undersize conditions. 
  • Complete records of production including designated sample checks or rework reasons.
  • Move parts to the subsequent operation with pallet jack or fork truck.
  • Assists Groupleader in writing new or changing existing routing instructions.  May assist Engineering in developing new processes and trying out new tooling.
  • Participate in the corrective action process to prevent defects from recurring.
  • Follow procedures consistently to obtain repeatability.
  • Participate in team meetings seeking continuous improvements for the operation.
  • Must have a demonstrated mechanical aptitude, proficiency in shop math (fractions, decimals, metric), ability to read and follow specific routing instructions, ability to read and understand setup instructions, ability to read blueprints, proficiency in the use of appropriate measuring instruments (tape measure, dial calipers), ability to check quality of parts against templates. 
  • Must have demonstrated ability to handle production requirements and demonstrated problem solving ability from previous work.
  • Must pass the CTP Setup Test.
  • Must have the ability to stand for 8 hour shift or longer.  Able to bend, twist, stoop to remove parts from baskets and lift to work area.  Able to operate fork truck, hand jack, 4D lift truck to safely handle material and containers. Must have good hand eye coordination.
  • Must have hand tools necessary to inspect parts and make more complicated adjustments to machines.
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Position: Cutoff Setup Operator

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Full Time
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Indianapolis, Indiana
Date posted
January 3, 2019
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