Clean Line Operator

The cleaning line operator is responsible for operating the cleaning line in an efficient manner in order to meet customer cleaning specifications and provide a rust resistant coating.


Requirements include handling of parts and properly racking in wash baskets, filtering the tanks, cycling the cleaning and rinse solutions within OSHA and EPA conditions, practicing the safety aspects of the equipment/system, and performing scheduled and unscheduled preventative maintenance procedures on the equipment.

  • Rack and unrack tubes, details and assemblies in the wash baskets as needed.
  • Use hoist to safely pick up baskets and load into tanks or the basket carousel.
  • Process parts to meet requirements and run cleaning specs when required on paperwork.
  • Filter the various chemical tanks when production and/or scheduling requirements necessitate.
  • Move parts to the subsequent operation immediately after wash.
  • Observe all safety and OSHA procedures and standards.  PPE is required at times.
  • Participate in and or develop corrective actions to prevent defects from recurring.
  • Follow cleaning procedures consistently to obtain repeatability.
  • Complete all production records correctly.
  • Follow the instructions of the Group Leader or Foreman in a timely manner.  Communicate if problems arise.
  • Be capable of operating both the manual and automatic line and the power spray booth, depending upon the production schedule.
  • Explain proper part racking procedures to new employees and employees from other departments.  Preventing internal rust is critical.
  • Responsible for cleaning department housekeeping.
  • Assist in weld spatter removal, or other task, when requested.
  • Disposal of waste oils and water as generated from: (a) the floor scrubber machine, (b) oils skimmed off soap tank and (c) excess oil from drip pans.

Additional Requirements

  • Lifting production dies and fixtures from transport carts to the wash tanks (preventative maintenance cleaning).
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Position: Clean Line Operator

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Employment Type
Full Time
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Indianapolis, Indiana
Date posted
January 3, 2019
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