Bend Setup Operator I

The Bend Set-up and Operate I person will be assigned to one bending area and  is responsible for learning how to make proper settings (pressure settings for pressure die and clamp die; setting bend speed velocity; establishing wiper die locations;  inserting tooling) for the actual setup of the bending equipment in that area.  This position will also set-up other typed of equipment used in completing the bending function, such as saws, stampers or number printers, or deburr equipment.

  • Learns how to perform accurate and timely setup of all equipment in one of our bending areas. This includes similar benders and all sizes within that bending area.
  • Lifts, either manually or mechanically assisted, and transports dies from storage shelving to the bender. Follows setup sheets to ensure dies, mandrels and other parts are properly attached in bender.
  • Calls up CNC program into memory and performing trial run.  Makes adjustments to settings if needed from setup pieces.
  • Gets inspection approval when setup is complete.
  • Observes the operation and setup of the equipment to properly control or eliminate conditions such as:  spring back, kinks or buckles, flattening, straight length between tangent points of bends, preventing tube breaks, and other conditions.  Applies lubricant to the mandrel and inside of tubing as needed.
  • Operates other related tube forming equipment within the work cell.
  • Conducts quality inspections in accordance with established procedures.  These checks are made by use of templates, fixtures, surface plate or by use of CMM/VMM tube measuring equipment
  • Completes records of production and  moving parts to the subsequent operation
  • Records scrap or rework and reasons therefore.
  • Participates in developing corrective actions to prevent defects from recurring.
  • Follows procedures consistently to obtain repeatability.
  • Creates and/or maintains set-up instructions for new production runs.
  • Participates in team meetings seeking continuous quality improvements for the operation.

Additional Requirements

  • Must have a demonstrated mechanical aptitude, proficiency in shop math (fractions, decimals, metric), ability to read and follow specific routing instructions, ability to read and understand setup instructions, ability to read blueprints, proficiency in the use of appropriate measuring instruments (tape measure, dial calipers), ability to check quality of parts against templates.
  • Must pass the CTP Setup Test.
  • Must have demonstrated ability to handle production requirements and demonstrated problem solving ability from previous work.
  • Must have the ability to stand for 8 hour shift or longer.  Able to bend, twist, stoop to remove parts from baskets and lift to work area.  Able to load parts into work area and completed baskets without damaging the part.  Good hand and eye coordination.
  • Must have hand tools necessary to inspect work and  make adjustments to machines.
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Position: Bend Setup Operator I

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Employment Type
Full Time
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Indianapolis, Indiana
Date posted
January 3, 2019
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