About Our Hot Metal Forming Process

Forging metal with a hot press is one of the oldest manufacturing techniques. The advantages of hot forged metal include the ability to form complex shapes, the avoidance of spring back, the ability to maintain the material’s thickness and the resistance to cracking. Titanium is a preferred metal for this process because it is lightweight, while still being strong and resistant to corrosion. Hot forming titanium is popular in the aerospace industry. That’s why our engineering teams understand that the titanium hot forming process is vital to the success of complex sheet metal fabrication.

Choose Aerofab for Your Hot Metal Forming

Aerofab is a division of Tube Processing Corporation that specializes in the manufacture of complex sheet metal fabrication. As a leading Tier 1 supplier to the aerospace and energy markets, our vertical integration is what sets us apart from the competition. Our projects are completed under one roof with one team seeing the entire process from start to finish. This advantage lessens our production time and gives customers a quality product for a better price.

We are located in Indianapolis, Indiana, giving us the ability to work with customers all around the United States and across the world.