About Hard Coat Services

Hard coat anodizing, also known as modified hard coating or hard anodizing, is a process that creates a hard surface strong enough to resist corrosion and abrasion. In fact, the strength and hardness of hard anodizing can be compared to that of a diamond. At Aerofab, we are experts in applying modified hard coats.

Choose Aerofab for Hard Coating

Aerofab, a division of Tube Processing Corporation, is a leading Tier 1 supplier and provides services to the aerospace and energy markets. We are set apart from the competition because of our vertical integration. Our services operate under one roof, reducing production time as well as the overall cost. Our customers only need to communicate with one company to get the job done, and in return they receive a high-quality product in a shorter amount of time and for a lower cost than what our competitors can offer.

Being located in Indianapolis, IN, a major city in the United States’ Midwest, we are able to work with clients around the country and the world.

What is Hard Coat Anodizing?

Applying a hard coat to your equipment will protect the component from abrasion and corrosion, extending its life. Common applications include pistons, cylinders, gears, swivel joints, and any other surface where metal parts rub against each other. Industries that use hard coat anodizing include aviation and aerospace, medical and dental equipment, sporting goods, and general manufacturing.