About Our Faro Arm Scanning

Aerofab offers its Faro Arm measurement system as part of its inspection services. A Faro Arm is a portable CMM, allowing for precise dimensional inspection wherever needed. By using a Faro Arm scanner, a part can be inspected during the manufacturing process while the part is still on the machine. This competitive advantage to traditional measuring and inspecting helps to ensure accuracy and precision throughout the entire process, improving the overall weld quality.

Choose Faro Arm Inspection Services at Aerofab

As a Tier 1 supplier to the aerospace and energy markets, Aerofab specializes in the manufacture of complex sheet metal fabrication and precision machined components. Our vertically integrated services cover the entire manufacturing process from start to finish. The benefits for our customers are better communication, faster production time and better cost for a high quality product.

Aerofab is a division of Tube Processing Corporation, located in Indianapolis, Indiana. Operating out of the midwestern United States gives us the convenience to work with clients all around the country and across the world.