About Our Sheet Metal Laser Cutting

Laser cutting is an innovative way to cut intricate and detailed designs into sheet metals. A high-powered laser beam is guided along the material to cut a design by either melting, burning or vaporizing the chosen material. Our laser cutting machines can cut into various metals, including steel and aluminum, as well as different plastic. This process is typically used for industrial purposes, but it’s also used by schools, small businesses and hobbyists. Because of this growing popularity, our highly skilled teams of engineers are determined to laser cut with precision.

Choose Aerofab for Your Laser Cutting

Aerofab, a division of Tube Processing Corporation, is a leading Tier 1 supplier to the energy and aerospace markets. What sets us apart from the competition is our vertical integration. All of our projects are completed under one roof with one team seeing the entire process from start to finish. Because of this, our customers are given a quality product in a faster turnaround time and for a better price than what our competition offers.

Being located in Indianapolis, Indiana, Aerofab is able to work with customers in the United States and across the world.