About Our CNC Milling Machines

The innovation of computer numerical controls (CNC) quickly advanced technology and machinery, especially so for milling. A CNC mill keeps the product’s quality consistent when creating highly complex parts. The automated control reduces the risk of operator error and lessens production time, making it a popular choice for aerospace applications. As a leading Tier 1 supplier, Aerofab incorporates CNC milling as part of its machining services to best serve its clients in the aerospace and energy markets.

Choose Aerofab for your Aerospace CNC Milling Services

A division of Tube Processing Corporation, Aerofab specializes in the manufacture of complex sheet metal fabrication and precision machined components. Our vertically integrated services put us ahead of the competition; we offer all of our services under one roof and can see the entire project from start to finish. In the end, our customers receive an incredibly high quality product in a fraction of the time and at a better price than what they could find elsewhere.

Aerofab and Tube Processing Corporation operate out of in Indianapolis, Indiana, otherwise known as “the Crossroads of America.” Being centrally located in the midwestern United States, Aerofab offers its services to clients all across the country and around the world.

What is CNC Milling?

On its own, milling is a machining process similar to cutting and drilling. It uses a rotating cylindrical tool to cut into the workpiece. But unlike traditional cutting, a milling cutter can work along multiple axes, such as a 5-Axis plane. This allows for the capability to cut a variety of shapes, holes and other designs.

A computer numerical control is a method for automated control of machinery, using a microcomputer that is attached to the machine in question. Incorporating CNC with a milling cutter allows for the precise and accurate machining needed for complex aerospace parts.