About Our Automated Welding Processes

Automatic welding blazed a trail in the fabrication world; mechanized systems use precise motions to speed up production time, increase quantity and decreasing labor costs. Automated welding in aerospace, where there is little room for error, has immensely improved the quality of aircraft creation. That’s why Aerofab made mastering automated welding systems a high priority years ago. The manufacturers at Aerofab are expert operators for advanced automatic welding machines, so that we can continue serving as a Tier 1 supplier to our clients in the aerospace market.

What is Automatic Welding?

An automatic welding machine needs minimal observation during operation. It will load the workpiece, complete the full weld, inspect the quality of the weld and workpiece, and then ultimately unload the finished product.

Choose Automated Welding Services from Aerofab

Aerofab is a division of Tube Processing Corporation in Indianapolis, Indiana. We specialize in the manufacturing of precision machined components made from superalloys and stainless steels. What sets us apart from the competition is our vertical integration, making us one of the few welding automation companies that can complete our clients’ projects all under one roof. Our team sees the entire process from start to finish, with auto welding processes that reduce production time and overall cost for our client.

Operating out of Indianapolis, Indiana, gives us the unique opportunity to work with clients in the Midwest, across the United States or around the world. Call us today to get started!

About Our NADCAP Welding Certification

The National Aerospace and Defense Accreditation Program regulates the services provided by aerospace welding companies. The NADCAP welding requirements are accepted industry-wide to keep a consistent level of quality for military and commercial aircraft alike. Aerofab and Tube Processing Corporation are proud to be NADCAP certified companies to provide welding services to clients in Indianapolis and everywhere.