Aerofab is NADCAP Certified

Aerofab is proud to hold a NADCAP welding certification. The National Aerospace and Defense Contractors Accreditation Program regulates the aerospace welding companies that provide services for commercial and military aircraft.

TIG Welding

Our certifications allow us to work for commercial airlines and on military aircraft. With TIG welding the alloys won’t distort or require cleaning after use, reducing the cost and chance for reworking later on. Our welders can work in tight spaces and on detailed pieces; there is no limit to our TIG welding services.

Automatic Welding

Automatic welding blazed a trail in the fabrication world; mechanized systems use precise motions to speed up production time, increase quantity and decrease labor costs. When working in aerospace there is little room for error, and Aerofab has the automatic welding capabilities essential for precision and quality.

Semi-Automatic Welding

Semi-automatic welding is popular in aerospace to fabricate precision machined components made from superalloys. Our semi-automatic welding machines help complete the project faster and more efficiently, while highly-skilled manufacturers ensure the process is flawless.

Orbital Welding

Orbital welding is a specialized TIG welding process that uses pre-set parameters to remove the possibility of operator error. Our orbital welding machine mechanically rotates the regulated arc current 360° around a static workpiece. This computer-controlled process provides accuracy, consistency and precision for high quality, repeatable welding.

Welding Equipment List

  • 1 Weld Machine – Syncowave Automatic TIG – Miller 350, Jet Line Controls, Turn Table & Boom Torch Head – Used for cylinder parts to flanges, various sizes
  • 1 Weld Machine – Automatic Line Welder – Miller TIG Rig 385, Jet Line Controls, Used for cylinder parts, Butt weld applications, and capable of welding penetrating T-Joints
  • 3 Weld Machines – Miller Dynasty 200 – Manual TIG
  • 2 Weld Machines – Miller Syncowave 250DX – Manual TIG
  • 1 Weld Machine – Miller Dynasty 300 – Manual TIG
  • 3 Weld Machines – Miller Syncowave 350 – Manual TIG
  • 2 Weld Machines – Miller Syncowave 350LX – Manual TIG
  • 1 Weld Machine – Miller Syncowave 351 – Manual TIG
  • 2 Weld Machines – Ransom 1,000 Positioner, Maximum 1,000 lbs., Holds fixtures in welding position
  • 3 Weld Machines – Aircrafter Positioner, Used for small-size products for manual or semi-automatic welding
  • 3 Weld Machines – Jet Line Positioner, Used for medium-size products for manual or semi-automatic welding
  • 1 Weld Machine – Aronson Positioner, Used for large-size products for manual welding
  • 2 Weld Machines – Unitek Poke Welder, Used for thin gauge foil (>.001”), welding foil to thicker material
  • 1 Weld Machine – Sciaky Spot Welder, 3-Phase, Qualified for .011” – .120”
  • 1 Weld Machine – Sciaky Seam Welder, 3-Phase, Qualified for .010” – .125”
  • 1 Weld Machine – MIG – Miller 250
  • 1 Plasma Torch Zip Cutter – Miller – Cuts up 3/8” aluminum, stainless steel, mild steel
  • 1 Stud Welder – IWT, Lynx-Titan – For steel and aluminum studs, Capacitor Settings of 55-175
  • 1 Orbital Welder – Polysoude PS164-2, 160 amp power source, Used for Tubes, With Heads up to 4” O.D., Using Consumable T-Rings

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