Aerofab is certified by NADCAP

The National Aerospace and Defense Contractors Accreditation Program regulates companies that provide aerospace materials testing for commercial and military aircraft. Aerofab is proud to hold NADCAP certifications for chemical processing and nondestructive testing.

Metallurgical Lab

The metallurgical testing lab evaluates the structure and properties of metal and alloy samples by melting, cooling, bending and shaping. After these testing procedures, the metallurgical analysis studies how the material’s microstructure and macrostructure reacted. These services ensure that your project meets your required specifications.

Pressure Testing

A pressure test checks the integrity of a pressure shell on new equipment before it’s put to use. Our pressure testing services investigate equipment features such as reliability, joint fittings, maximum capacity, and potential leaks. It can also be used on previously installed systems after a repair to make sure it fits required specifications. This kind of non-destructive testing (NDT) saves you time and money as it does not alter the subject of inspection.

Flow Testing

Our flow test equipment can accurately test the flow rate of air and liquids, respectively, through parts and make there is no leak. This process is computerized in order to ensure ultimate accuracy and precision in your project. We can implement our water and air flow testing services on newly created components or after repairs.

Testing, Metallurgical and Chemical Laboratory Equipment List

  • 1 Pressure Test Stand
  • 1 Air Flow Test Bench with Computerized Flow Rate and Reporting – Flow Systems
  • Lab Equipment: Rockwell Hardness Machine, Digital Micro Hardness Machine, Tensile Machine, Microscopes, Stero Scope, Ultra Precision Slide Stage, Cameras, Illuminator, Reflectormeter, PH Meter, Electronic Balance, Ultrasonic Machine, Cutters & Polishers, Scales, Vacuum Impregnator, Hot Press, Curing Oven

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