YAG Laser

Yttrium aluminum garnet (YAG) lasers are pumped using a flashtube with a YAG crystal as the gain medium. Also known as nd:YAG laser, they are used in the manufacturing, medicine, dentistry, automotive and welding industries. It’s used for engraving and cutting thin sheet metals, including stainless steel, aluminum, bronze, copper, brass and more. It’s also great for welding steel, semiconductors and various alloys.

CO2 Laser

Carbon dioxide lasers have the highest power of the current continuous wave lasers with an extremely efficient ratio of output power to pump power. Because there are two beams with different wavelengths, using a CO2 laser cutter is easy. This laser is commonly found in industrial applications to cut and weld, as well as medicinal practices during surgeries. It works best with painted metals and anodized aluminum, but it can also easily cut into organic materials like rubber, wood and acrylic.

Laser Drilling

In laser hole drilling, thru-holes, also known as “popped” holes or “percussion drilled” holes, are created by focused laser energy repeatedly pulsing on the material. Using a laser drill to create holes in sheet metals is a much more effective technique than conventional drilling methods.

Laser Cutting

Custom laser cutting is an innovative way to cut intricate and detailed designs into sheet metals. A high-powered laser beam is guided along the material to cut a design by either melting, burning or vaporizing the chosen material. Our laser cutting machines can cut into various metals, including steel and aluminum, as well as different plastic. This process is typically used for industrial purposes, but it’s also used by schools, small businesses and hobbyists. Because of this growing popularity, our highly skilled teams of engineers are determined to laser cut with precision.

Electrical Discharge Machining – Fast Hole

Fast hole EDM drilling quickly and accurately creates small, deep holes. It is a cost effective technique, most often seen in the aerospace industry to produce cooling holes into aero blades and other components. Additionally, it is used to drill holes in industrial gas turbine blades, in molds and dies, and in bearings.

Electrical Discharge Machining – Plunge and Wire

Wire EDM, also known as wire cutting, occurs when a single strand of thin metal wire is fed through the workpiece, and then the two are submerged in dielectric fluid. This technique is used to cut thicker plates and to make punches, tools, and dies from hard metals.

Plunge EDM, also known as sinker EDM, cavity type EDM or volume EDM, is when an electrode and workpiece, both connected to a power source, are submerged into an insulating liquid. The power source generates an electrical potential between the two parts, and sparks jump as the electrode moves closer to the workpiece. Dielectric breakdown occurs in the fluid, where a plasma channel forms.

Nonconventional Laser and EDM Equipment List

  • 2 YAG Laserdyne 795XL/CL50K Machines – 6 Axis: X Axis – 80”; Y Axis – 40”; Z Axis – 40”; U Axis – 16” dia.; C Axis – +/-
    450 degrees; D Axis – +/- 135 degrees – Optical Focus Control and Break-Through Detection
  • 4 YAG Laserdyne 780/JK 704 Machines – 7 Axis: X Axis – 32”; Y Axis – 27”; Z Axis – 27”; B Axis – 40”; A Axis – 10” dia.; C Axis – +/- 135 degrees; D Axis – +/- 135 degrees – Auto Focus Control
  • 1 YAG Laserdyne 780/JK 704 Machine – 8 Axis: X Axis – 32”; Y Axis – 27”; Z Axis – 27”; B Axis – 40”; A Axis – 10” dia.; U Axis – 18” dia.; C Axis – +/- 135 degrees; D Axis – +/- 135 degrees – Auto Focus Control
  • 1 Co2 Laserdyne 890/PRC Machine – 7 Axis: X Axis – 96”; Y Axis – 72”; Z Axis – 36”; A Axis – 10” dia.; U Axis – 25” dia.; C Axis – +/- 450 degrees; D Axis – +/- 135 degrees – Auto Focus Control
  • 1 Fast Hole EDM Machine – 2002 Current MT30S EDM Drill – Integrated with a Haas HRT 310 rotary table with 5 foot capacity
  • 1 Fast Hole EDM Machine – 2000 Current MT30S EDM Drill – 57 amp supply – 12” travel, .004”-.256” diameter – Mounted on Aniliam CNC mill with 15” x 32” travel and an integrated 5-Axis Haas rotary table
  • Wire EDM Machine – 2000 Sodick A500W – 5-Axis, 3R Tooling – Max Work Piece of 27.5” x 19.6” x 11” and Max weight of 1,540 lbs.
  • 2 Wire EDM Machines – 1996 Hansvedt DS-2 – 2-Axis – Max Work Piece of 11.5” x 7.5” x 6.2” and Max weight of 200 lbs.
  • 2 Conventional EDM Machines – 2003 Sodick AQ-55L with LN1 Controls – 5-Axis, C-Axis 200 RPM Head – Submersible 10” Hirschman Rotary Table – 24/48 Station Tool Changer with 3R Macro Combi Tool Holder
  • 1 Conventional EDM Machine – 2003 Sodick AQ-35LR with LN1 Controls – 5-Axis, C-Axis 2,000 RPM Head – Submersible 3R Macro Rotary Table – 6 Tool Shuttle Tool Changer with 3R Macro Combi Tool Holder
  • 4 EDM Machines – 1999 Hansvedt CS-2 with 3R Macro – Max Work Piece of 35.5” x 20.5” 13.0” and Max weight of 1,800 lbs.
  • 1 EDM Machine – 1996 Hansvedt Leadman MS-2 with 3R CNC Orbiter M-Pulse control – 50 amp supply – Max weight of 650 lbs.
  • 2 EDM Machines – 1996 Hansvedt CS-1 – Max Work Piece of 24.0” x 16.0” x 11.0” and Max weight of 1,400 lbs.
  • 1 EDM Machine – 1985 Excello – for Large Housings and special jobs

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