CMM Inspection

A coordinate measuring machine (CMM) is a type of dimensional inspection service that provides advanced measurement reports for complicated objects. A CMM uses a probe to sense discrete points on the object’s surface, ensuring accuracy and precision while also saving time and money. Our CMM inspection services promise that your project fits the predetermined measurements.

FPI Inspection

Fluorescent dye penetrant inspection (FPI) identifies defects in a material and is used for quality inspection. The dye penetrates the surface of a non-porous material and effectively shows evidence of any cracks or other flaws in the metal piece before and after heat treatment. This simple process can save the workpiece as it detects defects in casting and forging as well as maintain the weld integrity.

X-Ray Inspection

Our x-ray inspection services detect flaws in the make of a material that the naked eye can’t see. Being able to spot defects located underneath the surface of the material helps to maintain the integrity of the weld and prevent the need for future repairs. Our x-ray weld inspection equipment is state of the art, and our team of highly skilled fabricators are experts in fulfilling the quality standards that our customers expect.

Laser Scanning

Laser scanning is a form of metrology that takes a 3D scan of an object to measure its geometry. The computerized device senses discrete points on the surface of the object with a laser, reducing the risk of errors. Benefits of laser scanning include and faster and enhanced design process that and saves you valuable production time.

Faro Arm Inspection

A Faro Arm is a portable CMM, allowing for precise dimensional inspection wherever needed. By using a Faro Arm scanner, a part can be inspected during the manufacturing process while the it is still on the machine. This competitive advantage to traditional measuring and inspecting services helps to ensure accuracy and precision throughout the entire process, improving the overall weld quality.

Inspection Equipment List

  • 1 LK CMM Renishaw – PH20 Probe with Modus Software – 80” x 80” x 120” Table
  • 1 Coord 3 CMM Renishaw – PH20 Probe with Modus Software – 48” x 40” x 36” Table
  • 1 Laser Scanning Machine – Geomagic Handyscan 700 – Inspection and Reverse Engineering of parts from size of a quarter to size of a car
  • 1 Jones & Lamson Optical Comparator
  • 1 GE Rhythm CR50 Scanner for Computed Radiography – 320 KV
  • 2 FPI Lines
  • 6 Gage Plate Tables with various Height Gages, Calipers, Dimensional Measuring devises

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