Concession Form Instructions

  1. ​​Please complete the basic informational fields at the top of the form:
    • ​​Supplier Document Reference Number (This can be the supplier’s work order number or another number to identify the part)
    • ​​Supplier Name
    • ​​Part Number
    • ​​Part Description
    • ​​Drawing Issue Number
    • ​​Part Serial / Lot Number
    • ​​Quantity
    • ​​Purchase Order Number​
  2. Complete all fields in the Description of Non-Conformity section. Please provide a detailed response in the Description of Cause / Corrective Action section.
  3. When completed, please sign and date the form. Email it to The Aerofab Engineering and Quality departments will give a disposition and send it back to the supplier.
  4. When shipping non-conforming product, the supplier is responsible for attaching a tag to the part to identify it as such and to send the completed concession form with the paperwork.

Important Documents

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