About Our 5-Axis Water Jet Cutting Machines

Using a high-powered water jet to cut into materials opened up the possibility to cut into materials that may be heat sensitive, delicate or too hard for traditional cutting methods. Our 5-axis water jet cutting systems can effortlessly cut through glass, stone, tile, aluminum, stainless steel and sheet metals. The advantages of water jet cutting on a 5-axis plane lets us create finely detailed designs with contoured edges and superior taper control. Common water jet cutting applications include cutting, shaping and reaming sheet metal panels or mechanical components made for the aerospace industry.

Choose Aerofab for Your Custom 5-Axis Water Jet Cutting

Aerofab offers precision water jet cutting services as part of its complex sheet metal fabrication. Our services are vertically integrated, meaning that we see the entire project from start to finish, all under one roof. Our customers only need to communicate with one team, in turn receiving a high quality product in a faster turnaround time and for a better price than what our competition can offer.

Aerofab is a division of Tube Processing Corporation in Indianapolis, Indiana. Operating out of the midwestern United States allows us to work with clients near and far, from all around the country and across the world.