As technology in the aerospace, metal and electronic industries advances, the sheet metal assemblies and fabrication processes become more complex. Our sheet metal assemblies include everything from cutting, bending and forming onto the final steps of joining and finishing. These custom sheet metals are then used in structuring commercial and military aircraft, as well as other aviation parts.


Rivets are used in applications that demand reliability and safety. When it comes to the best sheet metal fasteners, riveting is a trusted technique for the aerospace industry. A single frame for a modern aircraft could contain hundreds of thousands of rivets.


Welding, bonding, clinching, folding, screws and rivets — all different sheet metal joining techniques. Some of these methods can be done without welding; it all depends on the material being used, its thickness, and the different application requirements. The Aerofab assemblers and fabricators understand the best ways to join sheet metal for your project wether welding is required or any other form of joining, we’ve got you covered.

Fabrication Equipment List

  • 2 Hand Pierce – Whitney
  • 1 Hand Brake/Bender – Diacro 1
  • 1 Roper Press – Whitney
  • 1 Hydraulic Punch Press – Scotchman
  • 2 Drill Presses – Single Head
  • 1 Conventional Mill
  • 2 Belt Sanders
  • 1 Sander P/G – Wet-Dry
  • 1 Nibbler
  • 1 Hand Notcher
  • 1 Hand Roll Form – Slip Roll Pex
  • 1 Surface Grinder
  • 2 Expanders – 5 Ton, 48”
  • 1 Hand Riveter – Cherry
  • 4 Riveters – 2” Max, 7.5” Max, 9” Max, & 36” Max

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